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Stains Are No Match for Miracle Carpet Care

Residential Carpet Cleaning Service

When was the last time you really looked at your carpet and rugs? 

Take a minute to check out the quality. If it's looking a little worse for wear, it’s probably time for a steam cleaning.

Fortunately, you won’t have to do a thing when you hire Miracle Carpet Care LLC. We offer carpet cleaning services in the Farmington Hills, MI and Novi, MI. 

Contact us to schedule a carpet cleaning at your home or commercial property today.

3 Benefits of Truck-Mounted Steam Cleaning

More and more homeowners are starting to prefer truck-mounted steam cleaning over using portable steam cleaners. Here are three of the main reasons why this method is gaining popularity:

  1. It's more effective that traditional steam cleaning methods. Truck-mounted steam cleaners use hotter water with higher pressure, which leads to a deeper clean.
  2. It's environmentally friendly. Truck-mounted steam cleaners use less water than portable cleaners.
  3. It's long-lasting. Carpets that have been cleaned by this method stay clean longer than ones that have been cleaned by other methods.

Make your carpet look brand-new again. Schedule a truck-mounted carpet cleaning service with Miracle Carpet Care in Farmington Hills or Novi Michigan.